Air Freight

Air Transportation offers several advantages over other modes of transportation, including speed, safety, and reliability.  Air carriers operate on a fixed schedule, which ensures that goods are delivered on time and in good condition.  Air transportation are widely used by businesses that require fast and reliable transportation of goods, such as perishable goods, pharmaceuticals, and electronics.


We provide Air Cargo services to all seven continents. We strategically chose air carrier partners base on their lift capacity and flight frequency. We’re using multiple air carriers to ensure our customers the flexibility and competitive pricing. 
Most of all, we understand the difficulty and frustration when it comes to getting the products delivered in a timely and professional manners.  Therefore, our experience and professional team members are standing by and ready to guide you to through the whole process from booking to delivery at final destination.   




Why should you choose Air Freight service at ASL U.S?

Track-Trace Systerm

  Track-Trace Systerm application through website www.asl-corp.com.vn here customers can update cargo status,
the arrival time, the departure time as well as B/L loading direct by their own ID and password.


 ASL Logistics well does, correctly and exactly the AMS Customs declaration activities directly from Vietnam to U.S

and The AFR Customs declaration to Japan.



Please contact to us for more information:

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U.S +1 56 2906 3906 phong@aslc-us.com
Vietnam +84 28 3512 9759 pricing@asl-corp.com.vn

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